Sage CRM Library Manager


Vault is a Sage CRM add-on that provides a modern and feature rich interface for easier management of the Sage CRM library.

Sage CRM Library Tree View

System Vault  

A centric view to all documents and templates that are stored in the Sage CRM Library

  • Tree view folder explorer 
  • Drag and Drop mutiple uploads with progress indicator 
  • File Preview (file size and file phisical server location)
  • Download and Share 

Entity Vault  Tab

An alternative to the default Documents tab available for primary entities that have Documents attached (standard Company,  Person, Quotes, Orders, Cases or custom entities) 

  • Drag and Drop upload with progress indicator
  • List View 
  • Grid View
  • Thumbnail/Image Gallery View
  • Document preview
  • Quick download
  • Library record details with in-place editing 
  • Timeline/Communication and File history  view

Shared Vault 

Same as standard Sage CRM Shared Documents Tab but with the added features of Vault File Manager like list view, quick download,  file preview, etc. 

All Features

  • Tree View – library folder explorer
  • Upload single or multiple files via Drag and Drop with progress indicator
  • List and Grid View with quick delete and dowload actions
  • Image Gallery View
  • File preview – file location and file size 
  • Image preview and video play
  • Library record details in-place editing
  • File history/Communication Timeline view 
  • Easy to install with minimal impact on the Sage CRM metadata
  • Works with all latest Sage CRM versions releases

For trial downloads or for more information send us a message using the form below or get in touch with your Sage CRM partner. 

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