Sage CRM Quotes – Editable Grids – Line Item Entry

Two new features have been added to the latest release of the Editable Grids add-on for Sage CRM

1. Data Export & Import 

  • Improved data Export so that Excel cell formatting is supported. Ex. A date/time Sage CRM field will be exported into a Date/Time excel format; 
  • It is now possible to import Excel or CSV files into Sage CRM via the Editable Grids

2. Quote Entry 

This is a new tab, we call it Summary 2, serving as an alternative to the standard Sage CRM Quote entry

With the help of the editable grids Row manipulation features users can quickly add/edit or delete Quote line items at the same time seeing line item and quote totals calculations performed.

Quote Entry Features

  • Inline search for product families and linked products, units of measure and pricing are also dynamically retrieved for the selected product.
  • Keyboard navigation – ESC to cancel the editing, Enter – to submit line item changes, TAB – to jump between columns and rows 
  • In-line Data validation – shows warning when invalid data has been entered (e.g. text instead of numbers for line item quantity, etc.) 
  • Line items can be easily re-ordered with drag & drop feature
  • Export to Excel functionality is available, and of course we kept all standard Quote operations. 

The Quote Summary2 is available with the latest Editable Grids release. Contact us or your Sage CRM partner for more information.

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